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Plumb - A police officer discovers a man kicking soccer balls on a high school field at 2 a.m. The man is clearly not just practicing his kicks. Their inevitable confrontation is the beginning of a long and complicated relationship.  The man and woman are both a threat and a potential salvation to each other as they get more involved in each others lives, until a final misguided act of a generosity forces her to choose between him and what is right. A play about justice, friendship and blood.

Phoenix - When Bruce and Sue meet four weeks after an uncharacteristic one-night-stand, Sue has this to say to him: one, I had a great time with you that night and two, let’s never see each other again. Thus begins a 4,000 mile journey well beyond the confines of their carefully structured worlds. Bruce is fueled by an overwhelming but undefined compulsion to join her in Phoenix. Sue is reluctantly charmed by his persistence, but steadfast in her resolve to keep him at bay. Both are forced to consider a whole new world of possibility, though not one free of difficulty and loss. A dramatic comedy about courage.

“A good seduces you even when you know, anxious subtext...the actors banter and play and flirt...allow yourself to get intoxicated by the pleasures of...romantic comedy.” –The New York Times

“An exceptionally well written play.” –EU Jacksonville

“Phoenix is at its best when it surprises…The playfulness and intelligence…make us feel we’re in on a smart new joke instead of being way ahead of a stale old one.” –Ross Reports

Point Last Seen  -  Two friends face the fact that one of them is about to fired, which  in turn has both men and their wives re-assessing their lives.  A play about paint swatches, fertility sex, infidelity and getting lost in the woods.

The Faithful - A former minister who has lost his faith is confronted with a cult escapee and a young man who believes he is channeling God.              

SHORT PLAYS                                        
The Mulligan   New American Short Plays 2005                                        

China  New American Short Plays 2005                                            

and everybody else  The Best American Short Plays 2002-2003                                                  

King's Lomatia, True North, Break Room, Runners, Cincinatti Ohio, and others                                                             

Phoenix, Better Man and Ghost Keepers